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Why I Love Thee

Charles Franklin and Mary Rittenhouse Nelson



A poem written by Charles F. Nelson at Ft. Loomis


Why I Love Thee

Dost thou ask me why I love thee
Wouldst thou know why thou are dear
Wouldst thou have me truly tell thee
Listen Mary, thou shalt hear.

True it is that beauty fadeth
Soon thy roseate cheeks will pale
soon will time with ceaseless progress
Cause thy loveliest form to fail.

Brightest eyes will soon see dimly
Time will blot the fairest page
Soon each glossy curl will whiten
Silvered with the frosts of age.

Thou hast other charms more pleasing
Which endure till life has flown
Charms which will thy pathway brighten
When the bloom of youth is gone.

A gifted mind, a loving spirit
A heart to feel, a hand to aid
These are virtues which will brighten
These are charms which ne’er will fade.

For these virtues, dear, I love thee
Thy affection I trust I have 
Now a question I would ask thee
Is that love returned again? 




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