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November, 1864 – March Toward Savannah

Sandersville, Georgia under Union Occupation

Beginning Location:  Cave Springs, Georgia

Nov. 1

Reveille at 6, march at 7 through Cave Springs.  Turned south and passed through Cedar Town and went into camp at 3pm, after marching 9 miles. Received mail at Cave Springs.

Nov. 2

Reveille at 6.  Continue our march at 7.  Marched 12 miles over very muddy roads and through the rain and went into camp at 3pm.

Nov. 3

Reveille at 6, took up our line of march at 8. Marched 18 miles on the Dallas road.  Camp at 5pm. Rained all day.

Nov. 4

Took up our line of march for Powder Springs. March 15 miles and camped at the springs about 4pm.

Nov. 5

Marched at 8, passed through Powder Springs, struck the RR and camped 14 miles north of Atlanta. March 14 miles. Went into camp Smyrna.

Nov. 6

Sabbath. In camp today resting and estimating for clothing. Rainy and cold.

Nov. 7

Still in camp near Marietta awaiting pay. Paid 8 months about 9 at night. Wet and rainy.

Nov. 8

Received 8 month pay $116 40/100. remain in camp 9th and 10th. Wet and rainy.

Nov. 11 & 12

Still in camp.

Nov. 13

Sabbath.  2 years today I bid farewell to my family and home. Reveille at 5 am, marched at 1/2 past 7am, took the Atlanta road, crossed the Chattahoochee at 10am. Rested an hour, took up our line of march for Atlanta, passed through the city and marched 1 1/2 miles west and camped.

Nov. 14

Rested and drew rations for 3 days. Weather very cold and disagreeable.

Nov. 15

Took up our line of march at 7am, took the Rough and Ready Road, passed through that place about 10, went into camp at 3pm after marching 21 miles.

Nov. 16

Morning pleasant and warm. Marched at 10am, marched 18 miles, camped at McDonough Road, road clear. Cannonading at Lovejoy Station to our right. Health good.

Nov. 17

Morning clear and pleasant. Reveille at 4, marched at 1/2 past 11. Our brigade train guard today, went into camp at 12 at night after marching 15 miles. Camp to the left of Jacksonville.

Nov. 18

Morning pleasant, marched at 8am, marched 4 miles and passed through Indian Springs, a small town 7 miles north of Jacksonville and camped. Waiting to build a bridge across Ocmulgee River.

Nov. 19

Reveille at 4, marched at 7, went south to Ocmulgee Mills and crossed the river, turned east, march 10 miles east of the river and 5 to the river. Went into the camp about 5pm. Rain in the morning and very warm all day. Led a pack mule all day.

Nov. 20

Sabbath. Reveille at 4, marched at 7. Morning wet and rainy. Left as train guards. March til 11 at night, passed through Hillsboro, distance march 22 miles.

Nov. 21

Moove at 7, passed through Clinton, took the direction of Macon. Foragers drove in and 3rd brigade attacked. March 12 miles and went into camp near the Savannah RR.

Nov. 22

Morning cold with a little snow. Skirmishing to our right in the direction of Macon. Four cavalry brought in killed and 6 wounded. Move about 1 mile and form a line of battle along a road running to Macon, guarding it until the train passed, 2 in the afternoon the 2nd brigade was attacked by about 6 thousand rebs and our reg’t was sent out to reinforce them. Very heavy fighting until dark, 64 prisoners taken. [ See Battle of Griswoldville]

Nov. 23

Morning very cold and frosty, sun shining but air cold. Marched 3 1/2 miles, halted and threw up a line of works. PM took up our line of march and marched 4 1/2 miles and camped 1 mile west of Gordon on the Savannah RR.

Nov. 24

Reveille at 5, took up our line of march on the Irwinton Road, which place we came to at 1/2 11 and went into camp after marching 12 miles.

Nov. 25

Marched at 1/2 past 8. Today our reg’t was rear guard, marched 6 miles south east of Irwinton and threw up a line of breast works, rested 1 hour and marched 6 miles farther and camped in a pine forest 4 miles from the Ocanee River. Some cannonading near the river about dark.

Nov. 26

Pulled out at 1pm crossed the Ocanee at dark. Marched 14 miles, went into camp about 10 at night very tired and hungry.

Nov. 27

Sabbath.  Marched 1pm in the direction of the Macon and Savannah RR. Camped in a pine forest near a small town called Ridelletown or Caseyville. Marched 14 miles. Weather fine.

Nov. 28

This morning we took up our line of march at daylight and marched through a beautiful pine forest. Had good roads and plenty of good spring water. This was the most beautiful country I ever passed through but a very poor sandy soil. Today we marched 15 miles and went into camp about sundown.

Nov. 29

Took up our line of march at 7am on the Summervile road through a pine forest with very few inhabitants. Captured some 26 prisoners besides 50 or 60 contrabands and as many mules and horses. Camped in a pine forest after marching 16 miles and within 2 1/2 miles of Summerville.

Nov. 30

Took up our line of march at 7am, passed through Summerville [possibly Sandersville] in the direction of the Macon and Savannah RR. Crossed a small creek and camped after marching 10 miles. Drew 3 days 1/2 rations.

Ending Location:  Near Sandersville, Georgia


Approximate Travels During November 1864

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