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May, 1865 – Grand Review

Grand Review of the Union Armies, Pennsylvania Ave., Washington


Beginning Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

May 1

Marched at 5am. Morning cool and pleasant. Marched 8 miles and rested. Crossed Jefferson’s Creek at Heartsfield’s Mills. Marched 10 miles and crossed Tar River. Went into camp after marching 25 miles.

May 2

Reveille at 10 minutes past 2 in the morn. March at 5. Crossed Sandy Creek, passed through Shady Grove, crossed 2 creeks. Little Fishing Creek, went into camp about 6pm after marching 28 miles. Very tired this morning.

May 3

Reveille at 3am. Marched at 4am, our reg’t in advance. Marched 22 miles and camped on the banks of the Roanoke and within 1/2 mile of Virginia state line.

May 4

Co. I and K moved out and crossed Roanoke at 3pm as advance guards. Marched 13 miles and camped.

May 5

Mooved out at 4am. Crossed Maherring River at 10:30am and passed through Lawrenceville where we truck the Old Plank Road. Today we marched 30 miles.

May 6

Marched at 4am. Crossed the Notaway River, Stony Creek and Rowanny Creek. Went into camp after marching 25 miles.

May 7

Mooved out at 5am. Marched through a pine forest and bad roads. Crossed Hatcher’s Run and struck the Weldon RR at Reams Station, 10 miles from Petersburg. March 20 miles.

May 8

Today we lay in camp and drew 3 days rations. Heavy rain at night. Wrote a letter home, No. 112.

May 9

Marched at 7am, passed in review through the city of Petersburg at 8 am. Marched across the Appomattox, marched out on the pike 13 miles and camped.

May 10

Mooved out of camp at 5am. Passed over the battlefield of Gen. Butler at Gravel Hill. Marched 8 miles and within 1 mile of Manchester and 2 of Richmond. Day cool.

May 11

Lay in camp today. Wrote letter No. 113 home. Visited McCoy and Boon of the 53rd Ind of the 4th Div 17th Corps. Day cool and pleasant. Drew 4 days rations.

May 12

Remain in camp and bury Abraham Barnhisel who was killed by lightning during a thunderstorm on the evening of the 11th. Day very cool.

May 13

Struck tents this morning and took up our line of march for Washington. Passed through Manchester and Richmond. Tool the Brooklyn Pike. Crossed Brooklyn Creek and Chickahominy. Went into camp 10 miles N of Richmond 10 at night.

May 14

Marched this morning at 5:30. Crossed the north branch of the Chickahominy. Went into camp near Hanover Court House at 1pm. Waiting for the 17th A.C. to cross the Pamunky River. Marched 10 miles.

May 15

Marched at 5:30. Crossed Hanover Creek. Passed Hanover C.H. Crossed Pamunky River and Mattapony River. Turned west and went into camp at 5pm. Marched 23 miles. Weather clear and pleasant.

May 16

Marched at 5:15am on the Fredericksburg Road. Passed through Bowling Green and went into camp 5 miles south of Fredericksburg after marching 23 miles crossed Mattapoosa Creek.

May 17

Marched at 6, passed through Fredericksburg and crossed the Rappahanock. Marched over hills and through valles, passed Stafford C.H. 12 miles from [Dumfries?]. Marched 20 miles. Camped on the bank of Acqua Creek. This was a very hot day and many soldiers give out.

May 18

Marched at 3:50am. Marched 8 miles and halted. crossed the north branch of the Acqua Creek. Passed through Dumfries. Halted at noon 1 1/2 hours for dinner and camped at 2pm after marching 20 miles.

May 19

Marched at daylight. Passed through Ocoquan and passed through Mt. Vernon and saw the tomb of George Washington. March 20 miles and camp south of Alexandria.

May 20

Remained in camp under orders to march. Lieut Miller visits us. Day rainy and wet. Health good.

May 21

Reveille at 3. March at 4am. Passed through the suburbs of Alexandria. Went into camp in an open field in a heavy shower of rain. No wood or tent poles.

May 22

Remained in camp today and cleaned up our gun and accouterments for our review on the 24th. Day warm and sultry.

May 23

Marched at 7am to an open field and had orders to remain over night. Marched 6 miles. Crossed Long Bridge and camped in Washington.

May 24

Formed for review in D. Avenue. Commenced our line of march up Pa Avenue at 9am. Passed the Treasury D.P. and the White House and reviewed by the Pres, Grant and Sherman. [ See Grand Review of the Armies]

May 25

Still in camp near Piney Hotel. Weather cool and pleasant and health good.

May 26

US Capitol, Built during the Civil War

Morning cool and rainy. Visit city today. Went to the Patent Office, the Smithsonian Institute and Capitol Building. Saw many natural curiosities and works of art. Rain all day.

May 27

Rainy and cold and as muddy in camp as it generall gets. Health good. Slacks raining in the afternoon.

May 28

Morning cool and pleasant. Sky clear at noon. Remain in camp. Nothing of interest transpired today.


May 29

Visited Washington City Navy Yard and President’s House.  Saw the Monitor, Mahopak and Manyunk. Weather pleasant.

Ironclads Monitor and Montauk

May 30

Day pleasant. Assist in making out our papers for discharge. Recruits muster preparatory for transfer.

May 31

Very pleasant. Recruits and drafted men leave this morning with the balance of our brigade.


Ending Location:  Washington, District of Columbia


Approximate Travel During May, 1865


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