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March, 1865 – Battle of Bentonville

Beginning Location:  Near Cheraw, South Carolina

Mar. 1

Mooved 1/2 mile, threw up works and rested in camp until morning.

Mar. 2

Mooved out of camp at 7 1/2. Crossed Linch Creek on Dilles Bridge. Wet all day, marched to Black Creek and camped. Marched 10 miles.

Mar. 3

Called up at 1 at night. Crossed Black Creek, got breakfast and marched at 6 am. Crossed Cherry Creek. Went into camp 6 miles south west of Cheraw after marching 25 miles.

Mar. 4

Cheraw. Marched at 1/2 past 7. Crossed Thomson’s Creek. Marched through Cheraw, turned north of town 2 miles and went into camp after marching 8 miles.

Mar. 5

Sabbath. Lay in camp awaiting orders. Day pleasant.

Mar. 6

Marched at 1/2 past 7. Passed through Cheraw. Lay at the river until 1/2 past 10. While resting an explosion of shell took place, killing and wounding 42 person. Marched 6 miles.

Mar. 7

Marched at 1/2 past 6 through a poor country but good roads. Went into camp near Markses Creek after marching 14 miles.

Mar. 8

Moved out at 1/2 past 6. Pass the state line of N.C. at 8:20. Passed through Spring Hill. Crossed the Wilmington and Charlotte RR. Went into camp at Laurel Hill after marching 12 miles.

Mar. 9

Mooved out at 1/2 past 2 in a heavy rain. Marched until 2 1/2 at night over the worst road I ever saw. Marched 5 miles.

Mar. 10

Move out at 10. Marched to Lumber River and crossed at 10 minutes past 1. Passed through Randlesville. Camp at 9:30 at night. Marched 12 miles.

Mar. 11

March at 5 1/2. Crossed Jumper Creek and through swamps all day and camped at Davises Springs at sundown. Marched 10 miles

Mar. 12

Sabbath. Mooved out at 10:50. Crossed Big Rocky Fish Creek and passed Rocky Fish factory and camped within 2 miles of Fayetteville on Cape Fear River. Marched 15 miles

Mar. 13

Mooved out at 6am. Passed through Fayetteville and crossed Cape Fear River at 10 am. Marched north and throw up works after marching 5 miles.

Mar. 14 – 15

Remained in camp on McAlister’s Plantation.

Mar. 16

Moove out at 9am. Our brigade left as train guards for the Corps. train as the balance of the Corps left on a forced march. Marched all night without getting into camp. Marched 10 miles. [ See Battle of Averasborough]

Mar. 17

Marched 3 miles an crossed Black River. Camped at sundown.

Mar. 18

Moved out at 6am. Halted at the Little Coharie River while bridge was building. Marched 8 miles and camped at Bearmans Cross Roads.

Mar. 19

Sabbath. Marched at 1/2 past 5. Crossed Bearmans Creek on the mill dam and mooved about 1 mile and crossed the Big Caharie about 7am. Rested on the hill 1/2 mile east. Crossed several swamps. Went into camp at 1/2 past 6. Marched 14 miles.

Mar. 20 – 21

Mooved out at 10 am in the rear of train. Marched 8 miles and halted for supper at 10pm. Marched again at 1 in the morning of Tuesday March 21 and halted for breakfast 1 1/2 hours after marching 4 miles. Marched again at 6am to the front 10 miles distant and the evening about 7 the right of the regiment went on the skirmish line. Hard fighting in the afternoon near Miles Creek. [ See Battle of Bentonville]

Joseph E. Johnston, Confederate Army

Mar. 22

Followed Johnston’s Army 4 miles and returned in the evening.

Mar. 23

Marched at 6am in the direction of Greenwood Church and went into camp near Falling Water Creek. Marched 10 miles.

Mar. 24

Marched at an early hour for Goldsboro. Passed through that place about 4pm and went into camp 3 miles from town. Marched 14 miles.

Mar. 25

Rested and prepared to fix up a permanent camp.

Mar. 26

Finished our works and policed our quarters. Battalion drill at 2pm. Company drill at 4.

Mar. 27

Dril at 8 am and battalion drill at 2pm. Dress parade at 1/2 past 5 pm.

Mar. 28

Today we went through the usual drills and estimated for clothing.

Mar. 29

Day wet and cool. No drill today. Health poor.

Mar. 30

Sick today, excused from all duty. Day cold.

Mar. 31

Still sick and unfit for duty.


Ending location:  Goldsboro, North Carolina


Approximate Movements during March, 1865


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