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June, 1865 – Mustered Out

Smithsonian Institute, ca. 1865


Beginning Location:  Washington, District of Columbia

Jun. 1

Day pleasant. Assist Capt. Hazzard on his 51 unis and muster out rolls. Health good.

Jun. 2

Still in our camp near Washington, D. C. Work on the muster out rolls.

Jun. 3

Still working on the muster out roll.

Jun. 4

At meeting 3 time during the day.

Jun. 5

Warm. Still in our old camp awaiting our muster out of the U.S. service.

Jun. 6

Went to the city. Visited Navy Yard, Smithsonian Institute and different other objects of interest.

Jun. 7

Today I assisted some on the rolls. Day warm. Health not very good.

Jun. 8

Morning warm and a little rain in the evening.  This evening at 1/2 past 6 we were mustered out of the U. S. service, a day I have looked forward to many months ago.

Jun. 9

Left camp at 9 am. Marched to the Capitol – until 8 when we took train for Parkersburg.

Jun. 10

Passed through Harpers Ferry at 1/2 past 12 in a heavy rain and storm.

Jun. 11

Left Piedmont at 1/2 past 4 in the morning and crossed the Devil’s Back at 8 am.

Jun. 12

Arrived at Parkersburg at 1/2 past 4 in the morning, eat breakfast and left at 8 1/2 am.

Jun. 13

Landed at Cincinnati at 11 am. Left at 12. Landed at Larenberg at 1:30pm. Arrived at Indianapolis at 12 am on the 14th.

Jun. 14

Eat breakfast at the Soldier’s Home and a reception dinner at 1/2 past one, reception at 2.

Jun. 15

Signed the payroll in the morning, drew on day’s ration, turned over tents, knapsack, haversacks, canteens.


(No further entries)


Approximate Route from Washington to home near Warsaw, Indiana


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