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Julius S. Barlow – Hospital Steward

My family is related to another veteran of the Civil War.  Unfortunately, I have very little information about him, other than a newspaper clipping announcing his death:

“Julius S. Barlow, Hospital Steward, 10th Illinois Cavalry, died on the 5th of May of an infected broken leg, suffered when his horse was shot out from under him.  He died on board the steamer Darling on his way from Memphis to Cincinnati and was buried at Evansville, Indiana.

He was formerly a resident of McKean township in McKean county, but was living in Illinois at the time for the commencement of the war.  He enlisted for three years in August 1861 and was made Hospital Steward soon after the regiment was organized, and continued in the position until discharged, by reason of sickness in May 1864.  He was noted for the faithful and kindly discharge of the duites of his position as the survivors of the 200 wounded placed under his care after the Battle of Prairie Grove can testify.  He was on his way to visit his mother in McKean County when he died.”

Blogger’s note: McKean County is presumed to be in Pennsylvania.  It appears that the regiment was stationed near Huntsville, Arkansas, approximately 30 miles east of Fayetteville,  at the time Barlow was injured.)  Visit this link for information about the duties of a hospital steward.



Barlow is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville, Indiana.  A photo of his headstone was available online.














From the small amount of research I’ve done online, it is most likely that Barlow wore the green and gold insignia of a hospital steward as indicated below.  A photo of such a steward is also  included, although this is not Barlow himself.






Roster of Non-Commissioned Staff, 10th Illinois Cavalry

Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Hospital Stewards of the Civil War


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