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January, 1865 – Beaufort, South Carolina


Beginning location: Near Savannah, Georgia

Gen. Oliver O. Howard, US Army

Jan. 1 – 7

From this date up to Saturday 7th little of importance took place, until Saturday when Gen. O. O. Howard reviewed the gallant old 15th A. C. and the boys having nearly all drawn new clothes and having their arms and accouterments in good order made a splendid appearance.

Jan. 8

Sabbath.  Cold and windy, wind north  east. Receive marching orders in the afternoon for marching the following morning on the 9th at 7am.

Jan. 9

Marching orders countermanded for this day. Weather cool and windy. Rain in the afternoon and night.

Jan. 10

Struck tents at 7, marched at 8 for Thunderbolt Landing to embark for some part unknown to us privates. Pitched our tents at 12, ordered to remain overnight, heavy rain with heavy thunder.

Jan. 11

Embarked on the Steamer Guide on the morning of the 11th at 2 o’clock at Thunderbolt Landing on Warsaw Sound for Beaufort, SC, disembarked at Beaufort at sundown, marched 3 miles and went into camp for the night.

Jan. 12

Remained in camp and wrote a letter home to my family, health good. Gerty come to us.

Jan. 13

Mooved camp about 1/4 of a mile to where the 17th Corps left. Went to town today. Wather warm and pleasant.

Jan. 14

Lay in camp, nothing new except marching orders.

Jan. 15

Still in camp near Beaufort SC under marching orders.

Jan. 16 – 17

Remain in our old camp. Nothing new took place.

Jan. 18

Stil in camp near Beaufort S.C.  Health good, weather cool.

Jan. 19

Beaufort – marched at 7am to a point 15 miles south west of Beaufort. Crossed Broad River and camped.

Jan. 20

Rainy and disagreeable. Fix up our quarters. Nothing new. Lieut. Hazzards and Orderly Andrews muster one for Capt. and the other 1st Lieut.

Jan. 21 – 22

Rained all day and was very disagreeable in camp. Chaplain returned on the 22nd.

Jan. 23

Still in camp at Gardner’s Crossroads.

Jan. 24

Warm and pleasant today. Drilled on the manual of arms for the first. No news of any importance.

Jan. 25 – 26

Remain in camp. Health good.

Jan. 27

Our reg’t ordered out on a scout. Went out as far as the Apostaligo River, skirmished a little with the rebs and returned to camp at night.

Jan. 28 – 29

Remained in camp at Gardner’s Crossroads. Weather cold and frosty.

Jan. 30

Reveille at 5, march at 6 in the direction of Pocotaligo on the Savannah and Charleston RR. Rested 1/2 an hour and took up our line in the direction of McPhersonville 6 miles distant, which place we come to at 1 pm and went into camp for the night.  Marching 12 miles.

Jan. 31

Remained in camp at McPhersonville SC, attended meeting at 10 in a meeting house, preaching by Chaplain Terry of the 97th Ind.  Weather very pleasant but cool.


Ending location:  Near McPhersonville, South Carolina.


Approximate Movements During January, 1865


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