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Diary: October, 1862 – City Hospital

Kosciusko County Civil War Memorial


Context:  During the months following the disastrous battle at Richmond Kentucky, the 12th Regiment has been encamped near Indianapolis for reorganization.   The regiment will remain at Camp Morton until mid-November 1862 after which it will become a unit of Grant’s Mississippi Central Railroad Campaign, the first push into Mississippi with the goal of capturing Vicksburg.

During this month, Charles was suffering the effects of severe dysentery, eventually being furloughed home to recover.


Beginning Location:  City Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Regiment is stationed at Camp Morton, near Indianapolis


Oct. 1

Still in the City hospital in Indianapolis, not any better, very weak and emaciated.  Jacob Nagle very low.

Oct. 2

But little change in my case yet, not able to eat any food at all of any kind.

Oct. 3

A little change for the better but still fever and night sweats, and but little apatite.

Oct. 4

Not so well this morning as on the previous day.

Oct. 5

This morning feel a little easier than the day previous.

Oct. 6

This morning ordered below for my victuals.

Oct. 7

Some better today, went down below for my meals and while at supper my wife, Nagle & Harriet Nagle came to the Hospital to see us.

Oct. 8

This morning my companion visited me again and went to Camp Morton to procure me a furlough but failed.

Oct. 9

Today was visited again by my companion who went to Camp through the rain to get me a furlough and got me one for 6 days.

Oct. 10

This morning I went to my wife’s boarding place and started for the Union Depot and left home at 6:30, went as far as Peru and staid till next morning.

Oct. 11

Left Peru for Wabash and went to David Johnsons.  Waited until 5 o’clock and went out with Br. Tutor and staid until morning.

Oct. 12

This day arrived at home and found Joseph sick and myself tired and quite worn out.

Oct. 13

This morning quite unwell and bedfast most of the day, tired and worn down with my journey from Indianapolis to my home.  Visited in the evening by Br. Keplinger and wife.

Oct. 14

This morning Br. Keplinger left for home and I went to the state election.  Returned at noon quite tired.

Oct. 15

Not any better yet, bedfast most of the time.

Oct. 16

Still indisposed and weak without medical aid until noon.  Visited by Dr. Harter.

Oct. 17

This morning my mind quite much disturbed and my health poor.

Oct. 18

Still poor health, not able to work any and not able to be about but little.

Oct. 19

Today feel better than usual.  Visited by Br. Morrett and Wolford.

Oct. 20

Still at home. Health poor.  Fixing for cider making.

Oct. 21

Today boys husking corn, went out to see them.

Oct. 22

Boys still at corn, help them in the afternoon.

Oct. 23

Still at home, feel better than for some time.

Oct. 24

Went to Warsaw today, paid my tax and done other business.

Oct. 25

At home with my family.

Oct. 26

Remained at home until the 13 of November.


Ending Location:  Silver Lake, Kosciusko County, Indiana

Photo:  Kosciusko County Civil War Memorial, Warsaw, Indiana


Twelfth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regimental Register

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