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May, 1864 – Battles of Resaca and Dallas

Beginning Location:  Scottsboro, Alabama

(Blogger’s Note:  This marks the beginning of Charles’ involvement in Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign.  See this map for the first part of the campaign and follow the movements of Thomas’ Division southward from Chattanooga toward Atlanta for comparison to Charles’ diary entries)

Apr. 27 – May 3

Moove 1/2 mile south of Scottsboro, stayed in camp until the 1st of May, struck tents at 5 am, march at 6am to Mud Creek, distance 11 miles.  Camped for the night, when Col. Loomis made his parting address to the brigade, having resigned & Col. Rubin Williams of the 12th Ind. took command of the brigade.

Left Mud Creek 1 pm.  Marched to Crow Creek and camped.  Marched at 6am on the morning of the 3rd and camped 3 miles east of Bridgeport.

May 4th – Marched to White Side and camped.

May 5th – Marched at 7 and camped at Rossville 5 miles east of Chattanooga,

May 6th – Marched to Crab Springs and camped on Gordon’s plantation 13 miles south of Chattanooga.

May 7th – Marched at 7am, march 3 miles, rested until the 1st and 2nd Divisions of our Corps. passed and 2 Divisions of the 10th Corps, 15,000 strong, passed in front of us, too up our line of march at 3 pm and marched until 12 at night, went to rest without supper, tired and hungry.

May 8th – Left camp 1pm, passed through a gap in Taylor’s Ridge and over Dix Ridge and went into camp at Villanow.

Joseph Wheeler, CSA

May 9th – Reveille 4 am ordered to march at 5, countermanded and our brigade let to guard a train of 1500 wagons.  Marched to Snake Creek Gap,between Chattanooga mountain and Johns Mt where we went into camp in line of battle.  Called up at 12 at night and formed a line of battle as it was reported that Wheeler’s Cavalry were within 6 miles of the train.

May 13  – Left Snake Creek Gap, marched to Resaca, went into battle which lasted 3 days – 13, 14, 15. (Battle of Resaca)

May 16th – Left Resaca, marched and crossed the Ostinola River and camped.

May 17th – March to Clear Water Gap and camped.

May 18th – Marched to Adairsville on the Atlanta RR, 70 miles from Chattanooga and 68 miles from Atlanta and in the afternoon, marched 5 miles and camped on a large plantation, where the 8th Missouri killed a rebel Col. marched to Kingston and remained in camp 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd. (Battle of Adairsville)

May 23rd – Left camp 6 am, marched 22 miles and crossed the Etawa R.  went into camp near a small stream of water called Harder’s Creek.  This was one of the hardest days march I ever done.  The troops suffering for water owing to scarcity and excessive heat.

May 24th – Left camp at 6 marched through Vanwirt and camped on a range of mont. called the Gould Mts.

May 25th – Was left a rear guard for our train, marched until 3 o’clock next morning through a heavy rain, rested.

May 26th – this day we mooved 2 miles, rested, as rear guard for our supply & ordinance train.

May 27th – moove the train near to a small town in Paulding Co, Ga. named Dallas.  (Battle of Dallas)  Fighting in front near the above named place.  100th Ind. and 26th Ill. in front today. 4 pm heavy firing all along the line, a number of prisoners taken.  Our reg’t mooved to the front after dark.

May 28th – Skirmishing commenced at day light and continued until 4 pm when the rebs made a desperate charge on our brigade and were repulsed with a heavy loss.

May 29th – Firing commenced at an early hour and continued all day and at 1/2 past 9 at night the rebs charged our center in mass and were repulsed with great loss.  Firing continued all night at an early hour next  morn our skirmishers advanced our lines.

May 30th – Laid in our rifle pits all day awaiting another attack from the rebs, but little firing today.

May 31st – Very still today until 4 in the afternoon when the rebs pressed our right flank with heavy skirmishing and shelling our lines and woods in every direction without injuring a man.

Ending Location:  Near Dallas, Georgia



Atlanta Campaign

Union Commander:  William T. Sherman

Confederate Commander:  Joseph E. Johnston


Map of Approximate Travels During May, 1864


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