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May, 1863 – Inspection

Example of a regiment lined up for inspection.

Beginning Location:  Encamped near Collierville, Tennessee


May 1

This morning the sun rose with splendor and all nature seemed animated and lively.  Wrote a letter to my wife and one to May Hickerwell.  Health improving slowly.

May 2

This morning pleasant.  Went to Collierville with the mail.  Saw Br. Henry, give hime Irena’s miniature.  Received a letter from D. Neidigh.

May 3

This morning pleasant and cool.  Wrote a letter home to my wife and one to the Advocate.  Signed the payrolls.

May 4

Morning mild and pleasant.  Wrote a letter home to my children, heavy rain at night.  Co. on picket.

May 5

This morning cloudy and cool on account of a heavy rain last night.  Washed clothing.

May 6

Still cool and cloudy and very uunpleasant both day and night.

May 7

This morning cold and still cloudy wind northwest.  Nights very cold.

May 8

This morning moderating, sun rose warm and pleasant.  Received a letter from my wife and wrote an answer.

May 9

Saturday pleasant and warm.  This day received 4 months pay or up to the 28th of February.

May 10

Morning pleasant.  Wrote a letter home and sent it by Perry Oliver and 25 dollars of money to my wife.  Got the news that Richmond, Va was in possession. (Blogger’s Note:  Richmond didn’t fall until much later in the war.)

May 11

Morning pleasant and cool.  Wrote a letter to my wife and received one.

May 12

Morning cold but pleasant.  Went to Collierville, saw Br. Henry.  9 months today since I inlisted in the Army of the USA.

May 13

Six month today since I left my wife in Warsaw for Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Ind.  Wrote a letter home today.  Health poor.

May 14

This morning rainy and cool.  Wrote a letter to Br. Morrett and received 3 letters, one from Br. Miller, one from Father, and one from T. Jontz.  Took G. W. Sherbundy to the hospital.

May 15

This day pleasant and warm.  Wrote a letter to Br. Miller and received one from A. Watson.

May 16

Very sultry and warm but cool last night.  Received a letter from Stephen Bolin.  Wrote a letter to my wife.

May 17

This morning warm and pleasant. Bible class tonight by Chaplain Sawyer of the 97th reg’t.  Recevied a letter from my wife and wrote on to Irena.  Services by Chaplain Sawyer at 3 o’clock.

May 18

Nothing new except rumors of rebels near our camp.  In camp all day.  Not in very good health.

May 19

This morning cool and unpleasant but warm through the after part of the day.  Wrote 3 letters today, one to Stephen Bolin and one to Abe Watson and one to Father.  2 rebel deserters came into camp.

May 20

2 companies went out on a scout from our reg’t today.  Wrote 2 letters today, one to Judge Ingman of Ohio.

May 21

Pleasant today.  Wrote a part of a letter home today.  Went on picket tonight.

May 22

This morning pleasant and warm.  Wrote a letter home to my wife and received one from her and the two boys.

May 23

This morning cloudy and cool with the appearance of rain.  Was day.  Received a letter from Perry Oliver.  Midnight, ordered to march to Collierville.

May 24

Great excitement in camp and all hurry.  Started for Collierville 15 minutes after 4.  Got to Collierville.  Wrote a letter to my wife.  Went into camp north of town about noon.

May 25

Morning hot.  Mooved our camping place wast of Collierville.  Put up our tent.  A woman arrested dressed in men’s clothes.  Received a letter from my wife.

May 26

This morning very sultry and hot.  Wrote a letter home to my wife and one to S. Bolin.  All quiet in camp.

May 27

This morning the reg’t went to Wolf river to wash.  Raid on the Rail Road by guerrillas near Fort Loomis – our old camp.  The above is a mistake.  (Blogger’s note:  shown as written)

May 28

This was the day the raid was made on the RR instead of yesterday.  Wrote a letter to Br. Thomas and sent my likness.

May 29

This day very warm.  Health good.  Wrote a letter.  Saw Br. Harry of the 100th.

May 30

This morning had a thunder shower.  Went to Lafayette 7 miles east of Collierville in company with Co C & I.  Captured 2 deserters from the rebel army from Jackson.

May 31

This morning warm.  Regimental inspection.  Wrote a letter to Joseph Myers.

Ending Location:  Near Collierville, Tennessee


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