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March, 1863 – Letters

Typical soldiers reading and writing letters.

Beginning Location:  Grand Junction, Tennessee


Mar. 1

This morning sun rose very splendidly and all nature seemed animated and the birds sung sweetly.  Wrote a letter to my wife and one to J. Jantz.

Mar. 2

This day clear and cold.  Wind north of west.  Co I went out east of camp on picket.  Wrote letter to Croft.

Mar. 3

This day cool and unpleasant, wind north west.  Co. on picket, passed the lines to go north 7 1/2 miles to see my Br. Henry.  Spent the time pleasantly.

Mar. 4

This morning cool and unpleasant.  Staid with Br. Harry until 3 1/2 o’clock.  Came down on the humming bird train.

Mar. 5

This morning cool and a raw wind from the southeast.  Wrote a letter to S. Rittenhouse.  Evening a sprinkle of rain.

Mar. 6

This morning has the appearance of rain.  Commenced raining about 9 o’clock.  3 of our mess sick this morning.  Brigade review this afternoon.

Mar. 7

This morning warm wind in the west – thunder and rain through the night.

Mar. 8

This morning cool – rained a little.  Visited the hospital. Wrote a letter to my wife and Cass Jontz.  Received 2 letters, one Cass Jontz and one from Br. Morrett.  Our first lieutenant died 10 at night.

Mar. 9

This morning cool wind in the north east with appearance of rain.  Raised our tent.  Received 2 papers from home and one from Br. Thomas.

Mar. 10

Got up this morning found it raining and rained all day with little intermission.  Our Co. out on picket.  Health good except a little rheumatism.

Mar. 11

This morning clear and cool.  Sun rose pleasant.   Received marching orders about 12 o’clock and ordered to pack up everything in readiness to strike tents.

Mar. 12

Cook our breakfast and prepared to get dinner and packed up our cooking things. Ordered to strike tents at 3 o’clock.  Got on cars, left Grand Junction 11 at night for Collierville.

Mar. 13

Left Colllierville at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, marched 5 miles to relieve the 12th Wisconsin.  Pitched our tents for the night.

Mar. 14

This morning pleasant.  Ordered to leave camp on duty near Germantown on the RR.  This day Br. P. Oliver came into the camp from home.

Mar. 15

Weather still pleasant and warm.  Bosy all well and in fine spirits.  Received 2 letters from my wife and one from Br. Keplinger.  Wrote an answer in the afternoon.

Mar. 16

Weather still warm and pleasant and birds sing merrily, all nature seems animated.

Mar. 17

This was a very fine morning and continued so all day.  Received one letter from my wife and one from my father.

Mar. 18

The weather continues very warm and pleasant and the sweet music of the birds reminds me of April weather in Ind.  Wrote a ltetter to my wife.

Mar. 19

This morning still pleasant but appearance of rain, wind south.  Wrote a letter to the Church Advocate.  Thought much about home and family.

Mar. 20

This morning pleasant and warm.  18 years have passed since I was married.  Wrote a letter to my wife and got 2 from my children and 2 others, from Demster and Br. Miller.

Mar. 21

Weather still very warm and pleasant.  Went to Collierville in co. with our chaplain for the mail.  Visited Br. Harry of Co E of the 100th.  Hoppes and Pontias came to camp from Kosciusco County.

Mar. 22

Morning cool and appearance of rain all day long.  Looked for rain but little fell.

Mar. 23

This morning called up at 4 o’clock expecting to be attacked by the rebels. Commenced raining about 8 o’clock and rained occasionally all day.  Write a letter to my wife and one to Nelson Miller.

Mar. 24

Got up at 4 in the morn.  Commenced raining about seven and continued until 4 o’clock.  Wind north and quite cold.  Wrote a letter to the Advocate.

Mar. 25

This morning sky clear and air cool. wind north east.  Co I on picket.  Health good.  Trees coming out in leaf, peach trees in full bloom and the earth has the appearance of May in Ind.

Mar. 26

This morning the sun rose very nice but air cool, noon turns warm and has the appearance of rain.  Passed the pickets and went 1 1/2 miles for milk.  Eat my dinner at a citizen’s house.

Mar. 27

This morning wet and cold and remained so all day.  I wrote a letter to M. Denister.

Mar. 28

Rainy and cool this morning.  Reg’t drawn up in line of battle.  Receive a letter from my wife and wrote an answer.

Mar. 29

This morning wake up cold as the wind was from the north ant it was very cold an continued so all day.  Wrote a letter to Br. Keplinger.

Mar. 30

Weather still cold and quite unpleasant, snowed a little in the morning but moderated toward evening.

Mar. 31

Today sunshine and cold all day, wind from north west.  Wrote a large letter home today of 3 foolscap.  Jerry Krider and John Roland came to the regiment.


Ending location:  Collierville, Tennessee



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