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June, 1864 – Kennesaw Mountain


Union Trenches at the Foot of Kennesaw Mountain


Beginning Location:  Near Dallas, Georgia

Jun. 1

Left our rifle pitts on the right at daylight and mooved east to the center to relieve the 20th AC (?), arrived at 1/2 past eleven and went into their rifle pitts, heavy skirmishing until late in the evening  at 10 at night there was a very heavy skirmishing for a short time when all became quiet.

Jun. 2

Today skirmising as usual with 2 wounded in Co. C and 1 in Co. D.  At dark preparations to advance our lines some 20 or 30 yards.

Jun. 3

All quiet along the lines except skirmishing untile 4pm when our artillery shelled some old buildings, levelling them to the ground.

Jun. 4

Heavy skirmishing all day and until late in the evening.

Jun. 5

Our skirmishers advanced and found that the rebs had evacuated during the night. We captured a few of the rebs skirmishers, mooved out of the rifle pitts and took up our line of march at 12M.  March south by east toward the Chattanooga & Atlanta RR and camped in a grove of timber.

Jun. 6

Got up quite unwell, and marched at 6 am, very warm. March through a very fine country, about noon struck the rail road, passed through Acworth.  Camped on the right of the RR.

(Blogger’s Note:  The town of Acworth was often called Little Shanty by Union troops to distinguish it from the next town south called Big Shanty, since renamed Kennesaw)

Jun. 7-8

Rested, health poor, had the chills and fever.

Jun. 9

Still resting in camp near Acworth, still in poor health.

Jun. 10

Marching orders for 6 am.  Marched 3 miles and formed in a line of battle in front of Lost Mountain, driving the rebs before us.  I was left with the ambulances in poor health, very hot and sultry heavy rain in the afternoon.

Jun. 11

Cloudy and foggy in the morning with the appearance of rain.  Reg’t threw up earthworks during the night previous and rested all day, heavy rains during today.

Jun. 12

Sabbath.  Laid in camp all day, rain and cold, firing in front all day.

Jun. 13

General at 6, mooved 1/2 mile east at noon, fixed up our shanties for the night, rainy and wet all day with cold wind .  Mail in today but none for me.  Sleep cold.

Jun. 14

Cold this morning, some skirmishing in front with an occasional shot from artillery.

Jun. 15

Ordered to march at 11.  Mooved 3 miles east and forward in line of battle.  Charged the rebs and took 500 prisoners.  D. Bolin was wounded, ordered to the hospital in the afternoon, 15 killed and 48 wounded.

Jun. 16

Hospital mooved near Big Shanty Station, weather cool and pleasant.

Jun. 17

Rained nearly all day.  Our division still in reserve.

Jun. 18

Still rainy and cold.  Still in the hospital, wounded doing well.  Skirmishing in front.

Jun. 19

Write a letter, take the wounded to the RR to sent them north.  One Confederate died today.  8 sent north.  D. Bolin starts north, heavy fighting on our right.

Jun. 20

Very rainy and wet all day. Our forces shell Kennesaw Mountain all afternoon and take from 300 to 500 prisoners.  Very heavy musketry late at night.

Jun. 21

Tuesday.  Still raining this morning.  Many sick coming in to the hospital.  Fighting all day, capturing some prisoners in the afternoon.

Jun. 22

Morning fair.  Heavy skirmishing this morning on our right.  Very heavy cannonading in the evening.

Jun. 23

Morning fair and warm.  Still continued skirmishing on our right and front.  Heavy cannonading late in the evening.

Jun. 24

Friday.  Big Shanty.  Day warm and pleasant. All quiet along the line today, hardly a gun being fired.

Jun. 25

Saturday.  Big Shanty.  Heavy skirmishing in center and right wing until late in the evening.

Jun. 26

Sabbath.  Quiet all along the line.

Jun. 27

Heavy fighting all along the line with heavy losses on our side in killed and wounded in the 2nd Brigade, 15th Corps, 4th Division.

Jun. 28

But little fighting today and but few wounded brought in.

Jun. 29

Wednesday.  All quiet along the line until about 12 at night.  There was heavy fighting.  Sent the wounded to Altoona Pass to the Corps. Hospital.

Jun. 30

Mooved the sick and the balance of the wounded north today.  Health poor, have the neuralgia.


Ending Location:  Big Shanty Pass, Kennesaw, Georgia



Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Atlanta Campaign


Approximate Movement During June, 1864

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