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June, 1863 – Memphis to Vicksburg

Ramming of the CSS Beauregard, Memphis


Beginning Location:  Near Collierville, Tennessee

Jun. 1

This morning cloudy and sultry having the appearance of rain.  Received a letter from my wife and wrote one in answer.

Jun. 2

This morning cloudy and rainy, cool all day.  Write a letter to Therressa Jontz.  Working on rifle pitts about Collierville.

Jun. 3

Cool and pleasant.  Nothing this morning.  Wrote a letter home and sent my old hone home.  Dusk, excitement in camp.  Ordered to pack up and be ready to march at a moment’s warning.

Jun. 4

This morning very cool and pleasant.  Still in camp at Collierville and marching orders.  Rained and stormed in the afternoon.

Jun. 5

This morning rain.  Wrote a letter home and made ready for marching.  received two letters, one from Deniston and one from Stephen Bolin.

Jun. 6

Still at Collierville.  Received a letter from home, wrote a letter to my wife.  Ordered to pack up and be ready to march by 3 o’clock.

Jun. 7

This morning reveille beat at 2 o’clock, struck our tents, eat breakfast and left Collierville 5 o’clock.  Passed our old camp and Germantown.  Camped 2 miles east of Memphis.

Jun. 8

Waked up and found it raining.  Pitched our tents, wrote a letter to my wife and one to J. Jontz.  Marched to Memphis and went aboard the boat Belle of Memphis at 5 o’clock.  Wrote a letter to my wife.  3 men of the 90th drowned.

Jun. 9

Left Memphis for Vicksburg 7 o’clock, passed the hull of the rebel gunboat Beauregard.  Our brigade all on the way south.  Eat a meal on board, passed the mouth of the St. Francis River. (See First Battle of Memphis, June 6, 1862)

Jun. 10

This morning pleasant, heavy storm last night.  Passed Napoleon and 7 gunboats.  Saw the first Negro reg’t.  Passed through a heavy thunder shower.  Tied up at Millikin’s Bend.  (Blogger’s Note:  This would have been 3 days after the Battle of Milliken’s Bend, in which black Union soldiers played a very important role.)


Jun. 11

Run ashore at the mouth of the Yazoo River at Young’s point.  Went up the Yazoo to Chickasaw Bend.  Run up to Hayne’s Bluff and run ashore, turned down and went back 2 miles and disembarked.  Examined the deserted rebel fortifications and guns.

Jun. 12

Mooved our camp 50 rods south and pitched our tents on the side of Snyder’s Bluff.  Weather very warm and sultry.

Jun. 13

Morning pleasant, nothing new in camp.  Health good.  Cessation of Hostilities at Vicksburg to allow the rebels to bury their dead and remove their women and children.

Jun. 14

Morning pleasant.  Grant still bombarding Vicksburg, constant commotion in the different camps.  Visited the camp of the 26th Ohio regiment.

Jun. 15

Grant still at work on Vicksburg.  Mooved our camp 50 rods north, struck our tents in a heavy shower.

Jun. 16

This morning heavy cannon at Vicksburg by Gen. Grant. 10 boatloads of Burnside’s 9th Army Corps. land at the bluffs, 6,9,11 Rhode Island, 3, 5, 8 Michigan, 51 NY and 51, 100 Pa.

Jun. 17

This morning the guns still thunder away at Vicksburg, today another division of Burnside’s men landed.  Wrote a letter home and sent a map of the Miss River.

Jun. 18

This morning foggy and cool.  Wrote a letter home.  40 rebels came into camp.  Received a letter from my wife and one from my daughter, 1 from father Strang and Marrett.

Jun. 19

This morning very hot and sultry.  Wrote a letter home to my wife and one  to Strenge.  Heave firing at Vicksburg.

Jun. 20

Weather continues sultry and warm.  Health of regiment rather poor.  Very heavy firing at Vicksburg.  Wroate a letter to J. Jontz.

Jun. 21

This morning ordered up at 3 o’clock.  Drew 2 days rations and ordered to be ready by 5 o’clock to go on picket  east of Hayne’s Bluff, Miss. Wrote a letter to my family.  Stood 2 hours on post.  Had an ague chill at night.  Passed a spy through our lines.

Jun. 22

Still on picket, had the ague today, sick all day.  Relieved at 9 o’clock and prepared to go to Black River after Johnson.  Still sick, ordered to hospital to help wait on the sick.

Jun. 23

This day health still poor, still in the hospital assisting to wait on the sick.  Rain last night.  Heavy cannonading at Vicksburg.

Jun. 24

Still in the hospital, health better but not able to go to the regiment.  Remain as assistant nurse.  Got the news of the fall of Port Hudson. (Blogger’s note:  this news was incorrect, the siege of Port Hudson lasted until July 9)

Jun. 25

Today we received the news confirmed the fall of Fort Hudson and very heavy firing at Vicksburg.  Still in the hospital.

Jun. 26

Still at the Hosp.  Health poor, receive 2 letter from home.  Grant still working on Vicksburg.

Jun. 27

Still at work in camp hosp, health poor.  Received a letter from my wife.

Jun. 28

Today the balance of the reg’t left for the reg’t that were out from camp.  Wrote a letter to H. Aukerman and one to my wife.  Have the diarrhea very bad.

Jun. 29

Still in the hospital, not very well having the diarrhea.  Still heavy cannonading at Vicksburg.  Johnson threatens an attack on our rear.

Jun. 30

Still in hospital, health poor.  received 2 letters, answered them.  Last day of June.  Where will I be a year hence? God only knows.  received a letter from my wife.


Ending Location:  East of Vicksburg, Mississippi (near Hayne’s Bluff?)


Map of Travels:  June, 1863

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