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July, 1863 – Fall of Vicksburg / Hospital Again

Beginning Location:  Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi

Jul. 1

This morning very sultry, health very poor.  Still at hospital.  Wrote a letter to my wife.  Heavy cannonading at Vicksburg.

Jul. 2

Still sick in the hospital.  Wrote a letter home.  Still at work on Vicksburg.

Jul. 3

This morning very bad with diarrhea and was mooved 10 miles to where our reg’t was in camp.  This morning the rebs surrendered Vicksburg.

Jul. 4

This morning feel some better, today at 10 o’clock the rebs march out of Vicksburg and stack arms andare march back under guard.  Got a letter from home and answered it.  Went to gen. hosp.  Reg’t start after Johnson.

Jul. 5

This morning feel better than usual.  T. H. Brown very sick today.  Wrote a letter to my wife and while writing rec. one from home.

Jul. 6

Monday, still in gen. Hospital.  Br very low.  Weather sultry this morning.  8 wounded soldiers brought in from Black River, 10 wounded brought in from Black River from 6th Iowa.

Jul. 7

In the hospital yet, down with diarrhea and hardly able to be about at all.  T. H. Brown very low yet with but little prospect of getting well.

Jul. 8

Last night had a very heavy shower of rain & thunder. I was very sick, rested but little.  Brown still very low and his case pronounced doubtful.

Jul. 9

Still in Hospital, health ver ypoor today.  Brown still very poorly, evidently sinking.  Received a letter from my wife.

Jul. 10

This morning at about 4, T. H. Brown passed from time to eternity.  My health better today.  T. H. Brown was buried on Snyder’s Bluff, Miss.

Jul. 11

Wake up this morning feeling some better with a prospect of getting better.  Received a letter from my wife and one from J.C. and R. J.

Jul. 12

This morning got up and washed and commenced letter. My health much improved.  The news of the progress of the war good.  This day 11 months in the service.  Gen. Herron’s Corps went up Yazoo River.

Jul. 13

This morning wake up and found the weather quite cool to what it had been.  Wrote a letter home to my wife.  Health still improves slowly.

Jul. 14

This morning wake up, find the sun hid by a dense fog along the Yazoo River.  Health still improving slowly.  Wrote a letter to my wife.

Jul. 15

Health not as good this morning as usual – the diarrhea back on me again.  Still in Hospital.  Wrote 2 letters, one to my Br. Thomas and one to my father.  Hear cannonading east of us.  Loid (Lloyd?) of Co. I died today.

Jul. 16

Health still poor having the diarrhea and very weak.  Weather still foggy and cool.  Packet Tempest come down the Yazoo with 129 secesh prisoners on board.

Jul. 17

Still in hospital, health better this morning.  Weather still foggy and cool nights.  Wrote a letter to my wife.  Heard from our division skirmishing with Johnson’s forces.

Jul. 18

This morning still cool.  Still in the hospital with Diarrhea, though better than for few days back.  No news yet from the regiment.

Jul. 19

This morning wake up feeling little better.  Wash and read a portion of Scripture.  Weather very warm today.  Drew ice for the hospital which was much needed as water was very warm.

Jul. 20

This morning diarrhea worse again.  Weather very warm and dry.  Feel lonesome and long to hear from the regiment.  Two more men die today.

Jul. 21

Weather still hot and dry.  No news from the regiment.  Health still improving, feel much better today.  Wrote a letter home today.  The fleet came back from Yazoo City with a captured boat.

Jul. 22

This morning very warm and dry.  Still in hospital.  The sick left today for St. Louis.  Heard from the reg’t who were encamped on Bear Creek, 3 miles west of Black River.

Jul. 23

Still in the hospital with the diarrhea today.  The 3 Division commanded by Kimbell left for Helena, Ark.

Jul. 24

Still in Division hospital.  Diarrhea better today.  Talk of sending the balance of our sick north.

Jul. 25

This morning feel very poorly.  Waiting for news from the regiment.  Feel lonesome and tired of staying in the hospital.

Jul. 26

Sabbath morning and still in the division hospital.  Write a letter to my wife.  Saw the chaplain of the 12th.  Heard from the reg’t which was at Black River.

Jul. 27

Today the sick in the hospital of Smith’s Division were put on the steamer Glascow for the north.  My health still poor, no letter from home yet.

Jul. 28

This morning at 9 o’clock the sick left Snyder’s Bluff for the north   Today had a heavy storm of rain and thunder and wind, blowing down the hospital tents and the sick got all wet.

Jul. 29

This morning pleasant and cool.  8 o’clock the Division Ambulances load up the sick at the bluff and start for Black River, distance 20 miles.  This was a hard trip on me.

Jul. 30

This morning feel rather warm and in a more calm state.  Good many of the boys sick and a good many complaining with the diarrhea.

Jul. 31

Health better today but still have the diarrhea.  Wrote a letter to my family, received a letter from my family dated Aug. 17th, 1863.


Ending Location:  Black River, 20 miles east of Snyder’s Bluff and northeast of Vicksburg, Mississippi


Vicksburg During the Civil War (1862-1863): A Campaign; A Siege

Siege of Vicksburg

Battle of Vicksburg


An interesting feature of the Siege of Vicksburg is the fact that many citizens of the town dug caves for protection from the naval bombardment.


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