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December, 1863 to May, 1864

Col. Reuben Williams, 12th Indiana


(Blogger’s Note:  After a 4 month gap, Charles resumes his diary in a notebook, rather than a printed diary.  It appears that he spends some time catching up by writing a narrative history of his time from December, 1863 to April, 1864.  I’ve represented this narrative as it was written, with some added punctuation.  I’ve also divided it up into several different posts to make it more readable.)


Beginning Location:  Scottsboro, Alabama

Dec. 26, 1863 – Apr. 26, 1864

Today the reg’t went into camp at the above named place.  During the month of Jan. ’64, our reg’t in connection with the 97th and 99th Indiana and the 103rd Illinois, under command of

Col. Williams, were ordered to join Gen. M. L. Smith’s Division and cross  the Tenn. River at Larkin’s Landing and proceed south over Sand Mountain on a reconnaissance as far as Lebanon, which they did, capturing a few prisoners at the above named place and after an absence of 9 days, returned to camp without loss.

After remaining in camp for a short time we were again ordered to march a second time in connection with detachments of the 2, 3, 4 Divisions to Chattanooga and report to Major Gen. Thomas for duty, which was done.

There we were ordered to Cleveland Tenn and from there were ordered to a point near Dalton, Georgia to divert and hold Johnson’s forcers from going to Polk’s assistance, who was there hard pressed by an expedition sent out from Vicksburg under command of Gen. W. T. Sherman for the purpose of destroying the RR and Miss & Central Ala, which was thoroughly accomplished after which we returned to camp again on the evening of the 4th of March, dirty, tired and hungry.  Since that time we have remained in camp up to the present time (Apr.26).

Ending Location:  Scottsboro, Alabama

Gen. Morgan Lewis Smith, US Army












Maj. Gen. George Henry Thomas, US Army



Dalton Georgia 150th

First Battle of Dalton, Georgia

A Snowball Fight at Dalton Georgia

Confederate Snowball Fight at Dalton, Georgia


Approximate travels during the period December 26, 1863 to April 26, 1864


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