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April, 1863 – Ague Chill

An example of a soldier doing his wash while in camp.

Beginning Location: Encamped near Collierville, Tennessee


Apr. 1

This morning cool with a wind from the north.  Received a letter from my wife written March 23.  Wrote my answer.  Weighed today, 181 1/2 lbs.

Apr. 2

Weather still cool dry and unpleasant.  Troubled with piles today and health poor. (Blogger’s note:  piles is a nontechnical term for hemorrhoids.)


This day pleasant but cool and dry.  This is Good Friday.  Wrote a letter home.

Apr. 4

This morning ordered to pack up our knapsacks and cooking utensils to go on picket wast of Camp Loomis. Received 3 letters , 1 from my wife.

Apr. 5

Weather still cool and dry.  Went to camp with the mail, received a letter from my wife.  Wrote one to her.

Apr. 6

This morning still cool but pleasant.  Done my washing.  Received a letter.

Apr. 7

Cold and dry.  Wrote a letter home and received one from my wife.  Went to Camp – had an ague chill. (Blogger’s note:  ague – a fever or shivering fit, sometimes related to malaria)

Apr. 8

Last night camp alarm at Ft. Loomis – quite unwell today.  Ague day for me, wrote a letter home.

Apr. 9

Health poor this morning.  Severe pain in my back and shoulder, with the piles.

Apr. 10

Day pleasant, health still poor.  Finished the stockade.  Received a letter from home.

Apr. 11

This morning very pleasant and warm.  Write a letter home.  Heavy thunder and rain in the afternoon.  Back still lame and health poor.

Apr. 12

This morning sun rose very pleasant and the air was mild and pleasant.  Health poor.  Wrote a letter to Br. Woliford.

Apr. 13

This morning cool and cloudy.  Wrote a letter home and sent it with Hoppis.  Got a letter from my wife.  Health poor and back lame.

Apr. 14

This morning wet and cold.  Wind north west.  Health rather poor.

Apr. 15

Morning pleasant.  Health poor.  Wrote a letter home.  Weather clear in the afternoon.

Apr. 16

This morning went to camp for the letters.  Saw the chaplain who informed me that the mail was suppressed.  Health very poor.  Got word that there was a box at Collierville for me.  Saw wheat  in bead.

Apr. 17

This morning pleasant and warm.  Sent J. Pickard to see after our box.  Health a little better this morning.  Received G. C. Nelson’s miniature and a letter from Br. Thomas.

Apr. 18

This morning very pleasant and warm.  Health still poor though better than for a few days back.  Received a letter from my wife.

Apr. 19

Last night we had a very heavy thunder shower – pleasant today.  Wrote a letter to my wife.  Health better.

Apr. 20

Weather pleasant.  Went into camp.  Wrote a letter.  Got our box of provisions.

Apr. 21

Weather still pleasant and warm.  Health improving.

Apr. 22

Today packed up our overcoats and dress coats and sent them to Collierville for home.  Wrote a letter home.

Apr. 23

This morning cool, health poor.  Very sick last night and continued so today.

Apr. 24

This morning commenced raining about 7 o’clock and continued until after dinner.  Wrote a letter home and one to H. Troxel, G.W. Nelson, and T. J. Nelson.

Apr. 25

This morning warm and pleasant.  Received a letter from my wife.  Thunder in the evening with the appearance of rain.

Apr. 26

This morning warm and pleasant. Thunder and rain in the afternoon.  Received a letter from my wife.

Apr. 27

This morning cloudy with rain.  Co. I went out a foraging today.  Health better.

Apr. 28

Today pleasant and cool.  Co. went out on picket.  Health poor, severe pain in my head.

Apr. 29

This morning cool and unpleasant.  Health poor.  Wrote a letter to my wife today.

Apr. 30

This day pleasant.  Mustered for pay at 7 o’clock. Wrote a letter home and received one from my wife and one from Br. Harry.


Ending Location: Encamped near Collierville, Tennessee

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