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August, 1864 – Siege of Atlanta

Gen. William T. Sherman at the Siege of Atlanta

Beginning Location:  Near Decatur, Georgia

Aug. 1

Monday.  A little rain this morning, clearing off about noon and turning very warm.  Another Confed. dies.  1st Georgia Co. C.

Aug. 2

Today we moove the hospital 2 miles west and the worst wounded to Marietta.  Health poor.

Aug. 3

Mooved 6 miles west, 2 1/2 miles from Atlanta. Today our Division charge the Rebel works and P. Myers and C. Rosensteel were killed and J. Yount was wounded.

Aug. 4

Thursday.  4th day warm and sultry, all quiet in front except some cannonading in the afternoon.

Aug. 5

Went out for lumber for bunks for the reb wounded.  Health good.  Weather warm and sultry.

Aug. 6

Very hot and sultry until 5 pm when we had a refreshing shower.  Heavy cannonading and musketry on our right near the Macon and West Point RR.  Health poor, had a hard chill of ague.

Aug. 7

Sabbath.  Day warm, preaching at 3 by a Christian Commission minister, from John 1st, 19th. My health poor.  Report of the 23rd Corps. capturing one line of rebel works, 9 pieces of artillery and a number of prisoners.

Aug. 8

Heavy skirmishing all day with an occasional shot from Artillery.  Heavy rain in the afternoon.  Health poor.

Aug. 9

Tuesday.  Rain and wet all day.  Heavy artillery firing by the 16th and 17th Corps. 4th Div’s advance their line to the picket line.  Our hospital steward killed on the field in the rear of our works.  His name was Francis Martin of Ft. Wayne, Ind. 14th Corps. capture 450 prisoners and 6 pieces of artillery.

Aug. 10

Heavy cannonading all day, a few wounded brought in.  Health no better than yesterday.

Aug. 11

Health still poor, weather pleasant and cool.  Still a few wounded brought in.  Put in charge of a sick ward.

Aug. 12

Friday.  Health very poor.  Heavy artillery firing all day and until late at night.  Very little firing with light arms.  Weather still warm and dry.  2 years in the service.

Aug. 13

A lot of the sick and wounded sent to the Corps. Hospt at Marietta.  Jerry Kritor wounded in the left arm.  Health poor, weather warm and dry.

Aug. 14

Sabbath.  All quiet along the front until late in the afternoon when there was heavy skirmishing in front of the 2nd Div with heavy cannonading.  Heard 3 sermons, one from Chaplain Gage of the 12th, one from a minister of the Christian Commission and one from Chaplain Massy of the 40th Ill. and felt much strengthened and carried my mind back to like scenes while in civil life with Breth and friends at some place appointed for worship.

Aug. 15

Moove the sick and wounded all to Marietta Hospt.  Nothing new in front.  Health rather poor.

Aug. 16

This morning get up with pain in head feeling quite unwell.  2 years since sworn into the service of the USA. No fighting except skirmishing.

Aug. 17

Wednesday.  Quite sick all day.  Late in the evening sick and wounded all taken to Marietta and hospital flies taken down, preparatory to mooving to some other point.

Aug. 18

Get up with headache.  Heavy cannonading in the afternoon.

Aug. 19

Friday.  Health still poor.  Very heavy cannonading about 12 all along the line and heavy skirmishing about 9 at night.  Heavy rain at night.

Gen. William T. Sherman, US Army

Aug. 20

Morning cool and pleasant.  Feel some better this morning.  Very heavy rain in the afternoon.  But little firing in front today, only one brought in wounded so far today.  Rainy night. Sherman opened on Atlanta with siege guns.

Aug. 21

Sabbath.  Cloudy and cool with a little rain, still in poor health, had a severe chill of the ague lasting 2 hours and high fever following the chill.

Aug. 22

All quiet in front today but little firing of any kind.  Health poor.

Aug. 23

Tuesday. No change in the front.  Our men still strengthening their works, health some better.  Weather cool and pleasant.

Aug. 24

Health still poor.  Sent to Marietta with the sick and wounded.  Weather still cool and pleasant.

Aug. 25

Thursday.  Health still poor.  Weather cool and pleasant.  No news of importance from the front.  Rumor of the 15th Corps. moving to the right.

Aug. 26

Health improving.  Weather pleasant and cool. No news from the front of importance except some prisoners captured.

Aug. 27

Saturday.  Very cool and pleasant this morning with a light shower of rain.  Still down with diarrhea.  Nothing new from the front today, only rumors of a heavy fight in front of the 15th Corps.


[Blogger’s note:  At this point in the diary, the following note was inserted:  4 days short.  Two facing pages were blurred, and it appears that the book was packed or carried in opened position.  Only a few words can be recognized, even examining each line with a magnifier.]


Ending Location:  Marietta, Georgia


Palisades and chevaux de frise in front of the Potter (or Pondor) House, Atlanta, Georgia, 1864.



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