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Diary: September, 1862 – Parole


Beginning Location:  Richmond, Kentucky

Photo:  Camp Morton, near Indianapolis, Indiana

Sept. 1

This day was parolled about sundown and sent back to the courtyard without anything to eat and nothing to drink excepting cystern water full of wiggletails.


Sept. 2

Started for Cincinnatti about ten o’clock, traveled all day without anything to eat excepting 1 peach.  Got to Winchester about sundown, stayed all night at a private home with a man by the name of Pool.


Sept. 3

Start early for Cynthiana by the way of New Paris on the Covington & Lexington RR.  Passed Paris about noon, got to Cynthiana about 10 o’clock at night tired and hungry.  Laid on the floor in a meeting house without blanket.

Sept. 4

Left Cynthiana for Bery’s Station, waited for train, disappointed in not getting on train, stayed all night, left early in morning, got to Fosterland by way of Falmouth about sundown.

Sept. 5

10’oclock at night started for Cincinnati.  Arrived next morning about nine, stayed in city until evening.  Left for Indianapolis.

Sept 6

Left Cin for Indianapolis about dark, arrived at Indianapolis bout 8 o’clock, went to Camp, Jo Renols (?) was furloughed.

Sept. 7

This day arrived at Indianapolis and was furloughed home for 8 days. Went to depot in the evening through the rain as it rained all day.

Sept. 8

Left Indianapolis for home at 11:30, traveled to Peru, changed cars for Ft. Wayne & Warsaw.

Sept. 9

This day arrived at home about 2 o’clock, found my folks all well and glad to see me.

Sept. 10

Still at home with my family enjoying home after an absence of 3 weeks.

Sept. 11

Sowed 4 acres of wheat and rested the ballance of the week excepting Friday.

Sept. 12

This day sowed 3 acres of wheat.

Sept. 13

This day finished sowing wheat and done some other farm work, reported to Warsaw.

Sept. 14

Went to Bethel to meeting, stayed until evening to hear an address.  The soldiers of Co. I, 12 Reg Ind vols .  Returned home in the evening in the co. with my wife.

Sept. 15

Went to Warsaw to report ourselves to Col. Williams, returned home in the evening to my family.

Sept. 16

This day done some work on the farm.

Sept. 17

This day still at home with my family, helped to pull flax.

Sept. 18

This day at home fixing to return to Camp Morton.

Sept. 19

Still in the enjoyment of home with my family.

Sept. 20

Not well on this day but able to be about and do a little work.

Sept. 21

Today went to the United Brethren meeting house at Sherbundy’s to meeting with my wife and some of the family.

Sept. 22

This morning started for Warsaw to report to Col. Williams and found we were ordered to Camp Morton.  Went home and left home 8 at night for Camp Morton.

Sept. 23

This day arrived at Camp again.  not in very good spirits as we did not hink they had any right to hold us there.

Sept. 24

This morning my health was poor, not able for duty having had a chill.

Sept. 25

Still unwell, went to the post surgeon for medicine.

Sept. 26

no better yet, not able to eat anything, laid in my quarters all day, took some medicine and grew worse on it., went to post hospital at night.

Sept. 27

Returned to my quarters this morning but no better than on previous day.  Laid in my quarters at night.

Sept. 28

My health very poor today, wen to post hospital at night and rested poorly.  Jacob Nagle sent to post hospital today.

Sept. 29

This morning was sent to the City hospital in very poor health.

Sept. 30

This morning I was very sick, not having slept any the previous night.


Ending Location:  City Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana. Regiment stationed at Camp Morton.



Camp Morton

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  1. Marianna says:

    Sick, tired and he still had to work the farm on his brief time home. How he survives with this continuing poor health I guess I learn as read on.

    This is great stuff Steve! (Not great that he suffered, great the work you’re doing to share this experience with the world.)

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